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Dawei, the capital city of Tanintharri Region is situated in the southeastern part of
Myanmar. It consisted four Townships- Dawei , Yei Phyu, Laung Lone and
ThayatChaung before. Now, Myitta Township is one of new. Thus, there are five
Townships in Dawei now. Dawei is surrounded by Thailand in the East, Adaman
Sea in the West, Myeik city in the South and Yangon city in the North. 
The population is estimated about 150,000 over. 

Dawei 2

There are three seasons – Hot Season (April – July), Rainy Season
(August – November) and Cold Season (December – March). It is an extreme
tropical monsoon climate. In the rainy season, it's flooded somewhere because of
high rainfall. 

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Theikdi 1

There are many historical Buddhist images and ancient cities in Dawei region.
Among them, Shin-Koe-Shin (Nine Buddhist Images & Pagodas) is the most
popular for Myanmar people. Local people believe that if you are going to pray
for all Buddhist Images, you may fulfill all of your wishes. 

Theikdi 2

Dawei is a coastal city and many mountains are surrounded it. Maungmakan beach
– it is one of the famous and beautiful in Myanmar. There are also a number of
hot water springs around the outskirts, it's about 30 minutes drive from the city.
Nowadays people could reach Dawei by plane, bus and rail every day.

Theikdi 3

The majority business of Dawei is fishery and agriculture. Fishery is wider for
local people.The area produces rubber, dried fish and teakwood. It also produces
cashew nuts and betel nuts that export to China, India and Thailand. Being deep
sea port project in Dawei, foreign investors are interested in it. The development of
this project would become one of Myanmar's Special Economic Zones which
includes industrial estates, commercial and residential development. At the moment,
some investments have started and became a new economy place for foreign